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The HRT Team was developed and began training in early 1995. Our service area includes anything within Jefferson County. The team has assisted agencies outside this area upon their request for mutual aid.
The team is made up of 15 to 18 officers who voluntarily join the team. Applicants must successfully complete a series of tests and oral interview before being considered for a position on the team. We train 16 hours each month, which is broke down into two 8-hour training days.
The team trains on a wide variety of topics to ensure we are ready to handle any situation that may arise. Since it conception the team has conducted over 400 operations. A large part of those operations are drug related search warrants but also include barricaded subjects, high risk prisoner escorts, dignitary protection details, cover surveillance as well as any other high risk assignments that requires special skills or equipment.
The team maintains several certified instructors in various areas including firearms, sub-guns, less lethal, distraction devices, gas munitions, tasers, as well as several other specialty areas utilized by the team.
Overall the team has been received well by the community and has become an integral part of the department.

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