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The Mt Vernon Police Department Communications Center is located at the front of the Police Department. Civilian Telecommunication Officers staff the center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Citizens who call the police department talk to a dispatcher who immediately dispatches the report to Police Officers in the field. The communications center is a modern facility utilizing the latest technology, to efficiently and effectively handle complaints and emergency calls.
All emergency calls should be directed to the 911 telephone number. The calls go directly to the Mt. Vernon Police Department Communications Center to be handled by trained emergency dispatchers. Telecommunication Officers are responsible for dispatching emergency police, fire, and ambulance calls, which occur within the Mt. Vernon City Limits. Please realize that the dispatchers are trained to perform many tasks at once, and will often be dispatching emergency response units while they are talking to you. If they ask you to hold, it is because they are DISPATCHING HELP TO YOU!
State of the Art computer systems enable Telecommunication Officers to access resident and fire alarm information, and case and suspect information within seconds from their computer terminal. They are also able to access Secretary of State records, and National Crime Information systems.

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